Guest Blog – Royal Treatment

Guest Blog – Royal Treatment

RK 6er The Happier Hour
Author: Ellyce Rothrock

If you seek an elegant, truly gourmet happy hour that transports your senses and palate to another country entirely and rises above the shoulder-to-shoulder competition found across Orange County, look no further than Royal Khyber‘s “RK 6er – The Happier Hour” in South Coast Village.

My husband and I have lived in Southern California for 20 years. We’ve eaten in London, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Madrid and more, as well as almost every major city in the USA. We make it a priority to find the most respected, highly rated restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, etc., no matter where we go.

photo2copyAt home, our favorite activity of choice is frequenting renown, top-rated and neighborhood-favorite restaurants and eateries of all ethnicities, very often Asian and Indian. What captures our attention, and oftentimes what we base a future full-course dinner reservation upon, are happy hours. We’re not talking your average fare found at even moderate- to high-priced popular chains. The best we’ve enjoyed in a long, long time is found at the exclusive, unique Royal Khyber. The “RK 6er – The Happier Hour” is an experience unlike any other. The restaurant itself is inviting, beautiful, elegant; its service unmatched in warmth and skill.

But the food…ah, the food!

rk_6er_spicy_calamariWe’ve sampled everything from its happy hour offerings. The mixture of ingredients, flavors and spice literally was perfect. Each unique, handcrafted libation promises a delectable punch. The attention to traditional Indian dishes and tastes is hands-down the best you’ll find in Orange County.

Once enjoyed, Royal Khyber‘s “RK 6er – The Happier Hour” will become your favored go-to for gourmet Indian cuisine–or favored happy hour, to be honest. It definitely is ours.

RK 6er The Happier Hour
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